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  Gentle Nature Human and Animal Consultancy


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Pet Sitting Services

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Advice On Suitable Pet Selection

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Dog Walking

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Cat Aggression & Anxiety Issues

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Dog Anxieties

Fear Issues

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Dog Aggression

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Stress Reduction Strategies

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Cat Behaviour Solutions

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Dog Behaviour Solutions

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Leash Reactivity

Lunging and Aggression


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Gentle Nature offers constructive advice  for pets and humans




At Gentle Nature we are always willing to listen                    

to your concerns whatever they may be and act                          

on them accordingly. Constructive advice will be                       

given where applicable and caring loving support                     

is always available.                                            



Gentle Nature offers a range of animal related services


All animals whether human or otherwise have different needs.

We offer a range of services to assist you strengthen the bond

between you and your pet and restore balance and harmony.

This is achieved by implementing effective strategies when and

where necessary. Strengthening the bond between animal and

human is about having fun too! Just ask and we will be

happy to assist you.




Gentle Nature Pet Education & TrainingKNOWLEDGE

Gentle Nature promotes ongoing animal education, training, and research, in an

endeavour to protect, care, and live with animals of all species in understanding

peace and respect.

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